About Quinn

Quinn is a vibrant, happy, smart, excited 4-year-old. She loves to be outside — skiing, swimming, riding bikes — you name it, Quinn will try it with a smile! Quinn’s very favorite thing right now is going to preschool, every day she asks if it’s Tuesday or Thursday, she loves school and thrives in the classroom with her peers.

Quinn was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in November 2015. Quinn was also born with a cleft palate, a condition where the roof of her mouth wasn’t fully closed. The cleft palate is something that Quinn will deal with for the rest of her life. During the first year of her life she had several surgeries to help close the roof of her mouth. Though 4-years-old may seem old for bottles, due to Quinn’s unique nutritional needs and her palate, she still uses a special bottle to create enough suction in order for her to drink and get the majority of her calories each day.

Quinn had a busy first year — she had three surgeries, spent over a month in the hospital, underwent over 550 hours of breathing treatments, learned to walk, started swimming lessons, visited Lake Powell, attended numerous Utah football games, visited Lambeau field to see the Packers play, and made so many amazing memories with friends and family.

Quinn has been an amazing big sister to her little brother Jordy, born in August of 2017, she stepped up in a big way when he was born. Quinn & Jordy have the best relationship — she always makes sure he’s happy and has plenty of toys, and he loves to help with her treatments and sits with her every day while she does her “shaky" vest. Jordy is Quinn's biggest supporter, and he wants to be just like his big sister.

Like many others with CF, Quinn has daily medications, many therapies and various regimens that affect her life, she will have to take enzymes every time she eats, and do breathing treatments at least twice a day for the rest of her life. She will always know she is not alone in this fight thanks to all of our friends and family. The average life expectancy for someone with CF is 43 years old, and every year that can be added to that statistic is priceless to anyone with CF or loves someone with CF.

We are not only trying to raise money and awareness for Quinn, but for the CF community as a whole. Medication costs continue to rise each year, and the expenses at hospitals are always increasing. Quinn fights hard every day, and we want to stand by her side and fight to help find a cure for CF. Quinn has already conquered so many challenges that no child should have to go through, and she does it with a smile and more grit than most. Quinn inspires us everyday with her “won’t back down” attitude, she's shown us that the best way for us to help her fight is by fundraising and raising awareness until a cure is found. 

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